Proven Diagnostic Solutions Delivered to Your Door

The facts are hard to face: many of us are at risk for contracting a life-threatening disease such as diabetes, cancer, or heart disease.

How do you determine if you should be concerned about these illnesses, and can you rely on your health insurance company to recommend the correct tests?

BioIQ is here to answer these questions by connecting you with the world’s best diagnostic technologies.

Through our interactive health assessments and home testing products, we can help you detect chronic diseases in their early stages—often when they are still treatable—so you can enjoy a long, healthy life.

Why Should I Care?

While you may feel perfectly healthy, diagnosing your health in a quantifiable way will reveal risk factors you might not be aware of—and help you identify areas where you can improve. Many diseases can be detected at an early stage, before symptoms develop. By detecting a disease early, you then may be able to act to prevent its progression and complications.

We Respect Your Privacy

Once you entrust us with your health care needs, you can trust us with your information. None of your data will ever be shared without your consent—not with your insurance company, not with your employer, not even with your own physician.


BioIQ is collaborating with some of the greatest minds in the health care industry to deliver diagnostic testing solutions to consumers, employers, and institutions. We continue to build upon these resources and would like to invite you to the experience the product for yourself. Enroll now to get started.

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“Privacy, control, and convenience - without having to go to a lab!”
- Kisa Heyer, BioIQ customer